Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

India has become the hub of medical tourists from across the world. World class healthcare facilities, premium quality, and cost effective prices are some of the factors that favour medical tourism in India.

Divine multispeciality Hospital is one of the many reputed hospitals for medical tourists. We aim at providing high quality medical facilities as per international standards. Whether you want to get cataract operation, liver transplant, cosmetic weight loss, or cardiac care, India is one of the leading medical tourism destinations. Amongst the many hospitals affiliated to the panel, it is important that you choose the best. Divine multispeciality Hospital is known for its team of surgeons. You can rely on their experience and expertise and be assured that with us you’re in safe hands. You can avail healthcare facilities for –

Weight loss

Neuro and Brain



Cancer Treatment (Chemotherapy & Oncology)


The best part about choosing India as the destination is that you can get great medical facilities at half the price of what you’ll get in western countries. This doesn’t mean that there is any compromise in quality. We provide world class equipments, technology, and quality assurance. Ever since our establishment, we have successfully treated thousands of patients from different parts of the world that have joined us in our medical tourism package. Patients from Middle East, Africa, CIS counties in Central Asia and South East Asia find Indian medical facilities top notch.

Travel to treatment is all done under supervision. You just need to follow some simple steps –

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