Gastroenterology includes diseases and ailments of the entire digestive system which includes liver, intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach etc. Divine multispeciality Hospital is known for its premium gastroenterology care.

We have a highly qualified and dedicated team of doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to render best in class medical facilities to patients. The department also specialized care including intensive care for surgery patients. Equipped with state of the art infrastructure and backed with latest technology we have served thousands of patients over the years. The team provides treatment and consultation for the following –


In addition to these we also provide therapeutic endoscopy and diagnostic endoscopy which includes – endoscopic treatment of pancreatic diseases, foreign body removal, endoscopic biliary stent placement, and endoscopic biliary stone removal; balloon enteroscopy, endoscopic ultra-sonography (EUS), capsule enteroscopy etc.

At Divine multispeciality Hospital we have a team of GI consultants and GI specialized surgeons. Bleeding in stool, unexpected weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and vomiting can be symptoms of GI infections or other GI diseases. Treatment at the right time will help the patient. We understand patient needs and provide best in class GI treatments. Rely on the expert team who bring with them years of medical experience and expertise.

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