Cancer care

Cancer Care

At Divine multispeciality Hospital we offer holistic cancer care and ensure that patients are treated with compassion. We use the finest technology and the team is highly qualified and dedicated. Our state of the art centre is a highly specialized are away to provide maximum care and comfort for the patients. The oncology department is headed by Dr. Rajendra Kumar. He is a cancer specialist at Max Hospital and has years of experience. The team provides treatments for all types of cancers –

We are committed to providing diagnosis and treatment for all types of cancer. To make sure that patients get best service, we are constantly engaged in a wide spectrum of clinical research. Our team specializes in different kinds of cancers. Radiation specialists, oncologists, and the team of surgeons work in close collaboration to ensure you get best results.

We believe in treating cancer with various support treatments which include a combination of advanced radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and targeted therapy. If you’re looking for expert opinion in cancer in Delhi and NCR, then Divine multispeciality Hospital offers comprehensive care. The team will provide a personalized evaluation of your cancer diagnosis and recommend the best treatment method for you.

Facilities available include –